Saturday, September 22, 2007

Questions and Answers Ch. 28 Carboxylic Acids

1. what is a carboxylic acid?

These compounds have a carbonyl group and a hydroxyl group.

2. How do you prepare a carboxylic acid from primary alcohol?

3. How do you prepare carboxylic acid from alkylbenzene?

4. How do you prepare carboxylic acid from Grignard reagent?

to solid CO-2, a Grignard reagent like methyl magnesium iodide in dry ether is added. the magnesium salt of the acid formed is hydrolysed by dilute mineral acid which gives carboxylic acid.

5. How do you prepare carboxylic acid from nitriles?

by boiling them with dilute mineral acid of alkali

6. Do the molecules of carboxylic acids exhibit hydrogen bonding?

7. Why is the boiling point of caroxylic acid higher than that of an alcohol of comparable molar mass?

8. why acqueous solutions of caroxylate salts are slightly alkaline?

9. How do you convert carboxylic acid into an ester?

Heat with an alcohol in presence of dehydrating aent like concentrated sulphuric acid.

10. How do you convert carboxylic acid into acid chloride?

11. How do you convert carboxylic acid into alcohol?

12. what is Hell-Volhard-Zelinsky reaction?

13. Explain how do you get alkane from sodium salt of carboxylic acid with an example.

14. what happens when you heat a calcium salt of carboxylic acid?

15. How do you get acetic anhydride?

Acetic acid is distilled with P-2O-5 or a strong dehydrating agent.

16. What do you get from treatment of an ester with LiAIH-4 followed by acid hydrolysis?

17. Name the reactants that produce benzophenone on heating?

18. what are the differences between acetic acid and formic acid?

19. what are the products of reaction between formic acid and concentrated sulphuric acid?
20. How do you produce acetaphenone?

21. which compound is synthesized by Hell-Volhard-Zelinsky reaction?

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